Monday, March 06, 2006


Well, welcome to my blog!! I'm not too sure what I will be putting up here, seeing as I'm not off on some crazy, amazonian, life on the edge adventure....There will probably just be comments about my life, about the little adventures that I have day to day.
Okay to start off, lets find something fun to talk about.
Well..hmmmmm...God has been so good to me lately (he has been good to me from the beginning), but lately He's been really close. It's like if I close my eyes and just reach out He is right there. I've wanted to get out of bed and just jump into His word. I remember Him feeling so far away and being so lost and desperate. I remember crying all night after everyone had gone to bed and turning to things that harmed my body while I tried to find so fix that would help me out of this mess. Then I remember the feeling of coming out of a coma one night as I sat in the big chair in the TV room listening to God telling me that He loved me and wanted to restore me and breathe life in my heart. I remember being overwhelmed by Him and Him filling my senses. I remember going up to my room after that and dancing with God and not being distracted by boys or by sin or by life. Now all is know is His joy and that His hand is on me. I am no longer annoyed by the Church or "christian" music and by praying. I love to be in His presence, I take Him everywhere. I know what it is to laugh and be joyful. I know what it is to sing His praises at the top of my lungs and all of it is because He has restored me!! He truly has.

The song of the week is Facedown by Matt Redman!!
This song is amazing...please read and think about the lyrics..

Welcomed in to the courts of the King
I've been ushered in to Your presence
Lord, I stand on Your merciful ground
Yet with every step tread with reverence

And I'll fall facedown
As Your glory shines around
Yes, I'll fall facedown
As Your glory shines around

Who is there in the heavens like You?
And upon the earth, who's Your equal?
You are far above, You're the highest of heights
We are bowing down to exalt You

So let Your glory shine around
Let Your glory shine around
King of glory, here be found
King of glory

Well, I think that is all for now...please check regularly for updates!!

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Matt said...

Welcome to the blogging world! good job eh!