Monday, November 01, 2010

Thoughts on laundry...

Do you have one of those shirts?
Maybe they are a pair of pants? Or a blouse?
A piece of clothing that has been washed so often it is faded and worn thin.
You took care of it, but it needed to be washed. You've worn it so many times.
Maybe it is the same with our hearts. They need to be washed and made clean.
Oh and they've been washed alright.
Oh, so many times.
Cleansed from sin and darkness.
The stains of rebellion, hatred and self-preservation.
Made whiter than snow, so the Bible tell us.
And after each washing harnesses less and less force against movement.
Almost relaxed, almost weak.
Maybe that is where our hearts need to be, washed so many times of dirt and grime that
it no longer holds its own.
Doesn't the seamstress wash the cloth before she sews it,
fashions it into a beautiful garment?
Maybe that is where our hearts need to be.
After all, when you hold a washed and worn piece of cloth up to the light
it can't help but shine it's light bright and true...

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